RJ Garcia 

Co-founder of Always Forward Productions

Born and raised in the Bay Area, specifically San Bruno, California. RJ is currently a full-time student at Skyline College, but is planning to transfer in the fall to SFSU to get a degree in broadcasting. RJ’s love for being behind a camera started at the young age of 9 when his parents bought a video camera that he could play around with. Having been surrounded by art his whole life, his curiosity and appreciation for art was always there. At the age of 11, RJ learned to play guitar and at the age of 16 started a band with a few friends from high school. With the growing popularity of Youtube and Vloggers, during high school (and even later on in college) RJ took his love being behind the camera to a new level when he would casually make Vlogs of his everyday life and make fun videos with friends. Nowadays RJ’s passion for filming, editing, and making content has brought him here to Always Forward Productions where his appreciation for art and the culture can be shared with others.


AUstin Spooner

Co-founder of Always Forward Productions

24 years old and is born and raised in the Bay Area. He didn't grow up in an artistic family, but always gravitated towards art. It all started with drawing Dragonball Z, dancing, and cutting hair and as he dabbles in multiple artistic mediums as a creative, he has currently settled on his passion for Photography and Video Production. He is a self taught photographer and videographer with help from mentors, who has been free-lancing in photography since 2015. He has been producing videos since mid 2016 and continues to push his limits and always be a student to his craft(s). He strives to inspire and make an honest impact on society with his art one day.

He lives by this quote;

"Dream but don't sleep"
- Mike "Dream" Francisco

ROmmel Castillo 

Co-founder of Always Forward Productions

Born and raised in Daly City, CA. Full time student at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, majoring in Motion Pictures and Television. At a really young age, Rommel always had an interest in the arts. Being around his father, who was a tattoo artist, it gave him the inspiration to create art on his own. The first time Rommel picked up a camera was in high school, capturing everything around him, he developed an interest in photography. After high school, he went straight into the military. Two years into his military career, he started documenting his tours overseas. With his passion of storytelling and in film, he strives to expand his network, explore the untold and tell the stories of many.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take'
-Wayne Gretzky"  
-Michael Scott