Random Thought Of The Day

june 26th, 2017

"if you live in the bay, you have to be a shark, become a shark, or become a shark killer. even if our 20's are meant to be for finding ourselves, time and opportunities don't wait for you. so it's either you stay a fish and swim aimlessly, become a shark and continue to dream while you grind, or become an orca whale and be the wolf of the sea and kill everything that comes your way, make your dreams come true, and love life."

by Austin Spooner

First Time For Everything


june 24th, 2017

"just like ever other project we've done together in the past, the routine is the same. get up super early, check the group chat, shower, get our gear in check, charge the batteries, make sure we got the correct lenses, tripods, & a mic. once we head over to the house. we discuss and plan out ever shot, the types of b-roll we plan to get, and the style and direction we're trying to go for, and more or less some post production things we need to keep in mind. just like most things in life, it usually doesn't play out the way we see it in our head, or work out in our favor, but just like all things we just got to make the best out of what we got in front of us. so here's to our first, and not our last Always Forward Productions group photo. always behind the lens, never in front of it."

by Rommel Castillo Jr.